Monday, September 27, 2010

'part' (AKA 'smart')

Me: "Katelyn, you are smart enough to do what Daddy and I say the 1st time."
Kate: "I'm 'part' enough to be naughty, too!"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bear Hugs

Me: Katelyn, come give Mommy a big bear hug!
Kate: Um, Mommy, bears don't give hugs. . .that'd be kinda creepy. . .

Church Box

In Sunday school today, Kate made a money box so she could save her money and bring it to church as an offering on Sundays. After church, we noticed she was going around collecting money in it from various people and thought it was sweet that she was collecting money for her church at such a young age. Well, after speaking to a few of the people that "donated," we realized she was going up and asking people to give her money for her wedding!!! She's determined to be married by the age of 5, so I guess she does need to start saving;)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ask a priest

For some reason, lately Kate has been obsessively talking about God, heaven, and the devil- actually to a point that is somewhat disturbing. Here are a few of her comments on the subject (there may be more to come, seeing as this has become a major interest for her recently):

"Mommy, if we'll all be in heaven together forever, then why don't we all just die now so we can be together forever already?"

"Why does God let the devil make us do bad things?"

"Can the devil be in our heart like God can?"

"Mommy, did you know the devil is magic? He can turn himself into a snake!"

"I know the devil is Lucifer, but what's his last name?"

"So, if God loves me when I do good things, does that mean the devil loves me when I do bad things?"

"I won't let the devil come in our house! I have to keep him away from Jack! I have to look out for Jack." (She then proceeded to go around the house locking every door)

(trying to remember Lord's Prayer) "in earth as in heaven. . . . . . . " "Mommy, do everybody wear panties in heaven?"

Kate: "Mommy, I don't feel like doing nothing bad. . .the devil must be sleeping."
Me: "I don't think the devil ever sleeps."
Kate: "Oh! Yeah, that's right, cause if the devil sleeped he could get his grumpies out and go back to heaven."

(Talking to her Uncle Kevin) "God says to share. God also says for people to not mess with me."

Favorite adjectives that Kate uses now:

delightful, bea-U-tiful, amazin', interesting, nervous, frustratin', large
"Mommy, is that amazin'?" "Isn't that awesome?" "You're makin' me so nervous!" "I promise I won't get frustratin'." "Look at that bea-U-tiful baby!" "It sure is a delightful day, isn't it?" "I saw a large, large, LARGE spider!"

Do as I say. . .

Me: "Katelyn, it makes Mommy so happy when you do what I ask you too."
Kate: "Mommy, it makes ME so happy when you do what I tell YOU to do!"